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All aboard the hype train (Part VIII)

The quiet before the storm or something changed?

I confess that, at this point, I expected to be nervous and anxious as I usually am when an important event is getting closer, but instead I feel at ease, as I've been possessed by a kind of Zen-fairy.

Is this the end of BoycotTeo (this is how I name of the pessimist and self-destructive me)?

I don't know, but it's good for once to look at the upcoming Kickstarter campaign and being somewhat happy.

For sure, the development of this range helped me a lot to maintain a positive attitude, because all the pieces of this new puzzle seem to really want to fit together: the new 3d prints are awesome, the campaign page is ready since the last week, the promo-video looks incredibly cool and today I've received the first resin kits of the Forest Troll (so I will be able to start painting it very soon!!).

Simply adorable. I know I have an obvious bias, but my friends: I'm really proud of what we managed to create!

Said so, I don't want to write another "look how cool we are" post, so I thought to give you some fluff curiosities about this range that I hope they catch your interest!

5 things that you didn't know about the Elves of Inneath

-and it's pretty obvious, considering that nobody ever read something about them-

1) The elves do live also outside their hidden dominions and people already encountered them

As you may know, the existence itself of Elves is currently debated, by the other peoples of Inneath. But that doesn't mean that nobody had already come into contact with them! Elves frequently go outside their islands (you know, for Elf business...) and it is said that there are also Elf enclaves in the forests of the whole Inneath. However, despite we can say that they literally can live very close to the other kins of Inneath, they have taken (and still take) extremely care to protect their true identity. This is why Dwarf and Human folklore is filled with tons of stories about Elves, despite nobody still has collected evidence to prove them!

Do you see it?! Never trust an Elf!

2) Living outside the Lost Court is not healthy

As we learned in a previous post, The Fairy Islands are a mysterious place where the rules of nature, and above all of the time, are kinda distorted. When somebody enters this "distorted zone", his/her inner time runs extremely slow and we can say that he/she doesn't age almost at all. Once you go out of the Fairy Islands you won't get older all of a sudden, but your biological clock starts to run again as normal, despite it might be followed by some side-effects: loss of memory and schizophrenia are the most common ones. The more time you spend inside the Fairy Islands, the greater these side-effects are: in the most severe cases, an individual might entirely lose his/her memory and personality! For this reason, Elves rarely go outside their islands! With ages, this created two distinct Elf kins: those of the Fairy Islands and those that live outside them.

We can consider the Elves of the Fairy Islands as the pure and noble lineage of these people: they are basically immortal and they inhabit the ancestral dominions of their race. Those who live far from that place are considered somewhat inferior, or directly weird: they get old and die in a blink (for an Elf standard, about 200 years) and they lost their ancestral roots.

3) Despite the Elf pantheon includes thousands of deities, they have two major gods: U'raka and Ku'oni.

Elves have a strong connection with nature so it is not surprising that their major gods are the incarnation of the two sides of nature itself: life and destruction. They believe that these two gods are, in a certain way, everywhere but they can descend on Inneath assuming many aspects: it is said that U'raka wanders through Inneath as a fierce monster with scaly skin and snapping jaws, while Ku'oni is like a living, peaceful mountain. They constantly fight each other, perpetuating an eternal cycle of destruction and regrowth.

4) Elves go crazy for coffee.

For some reasons, it seems that Elves are attracted by coffee. Its smell is ambrosia to them and they believe that coffee beans can link them with their gods.

Coffee is pretty rare, in Inneath so Elves have to travel a lot to find it! Elves can do anything to grab some coffee and this weakness of them is a secret passed down from father to child, among Orcs Hunters...

5) Elves do have powerful senses!

As you may imagine, those gigantic ears and eyes have a function: Elves are gifted by miraculous eyesight, especially at night, and they can hear even the faintest whisper from great distances. It's not surprising that they are pretty good at hiding their presence and avoid unwanted encounter!

So, these are 5 curiosities about Elves that you didn't know. From now 'till October 12th (save the date!) I thought about sharing more and more facts about them.

So you won't have a reason to buy the new booklet, Peoples of Inneath: Volume III.

Damn, I'm a horrible seller.

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