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All aboard the hype train (Part VII)

One of the (many) strategical mistakes I made during the last campaign was to totally ignore the (at that time) previous range of us: I thought, in my naivety, that people would be annoyed to see, in a Second Government campaign, miniatures that weren't from that specific range.

Moreover, the idea to put again on KS my Dwarves seemed to me weird, or better, I felt like I was cheating using an already successful product to raise funds on a campaign that was technically focused on another range.

My concerns were (as often happens) wrong and too paranoid and in fact many people complained that, having missed the Dwarf campaign, they couldn't pledge anything about Dwarves. I put then the Dwarf edition of the Mighty Mega Box during the campaign, and many people joined the journey helping A LOT to increase the numbers of funding.

Another thing that I've learned, this time about general marketing applied to a KS campaign, is that everything that is added after the beginning of the campaign has not the same impact of something that is there since the very first second, especially for what concerns the campaign rewards.

I think that there might be two reasons: a logical one (a few people are aware of that specific reward added in a second time -generally the vast majority of engagement is collected on the first 3 days and last 3 days funding-) and an emotional one (people tend to store in their memory the first things they see/read, the first impression is, after all, the more powerful one).

So, this time I decided to go big since day1 and let the Second Government and Kazhuk Izril ranges join the battle!

However, I didn't want that the previous ranges steal the light from the main focus of this campaign (the Elves, obviously) so I decided to insert my beloved Dwarves and Humans in a way that won't move the attention of the crowd away from the main characters, adding only the Mighty Mega Boxes of both SG/KI edition and two new bundles: the Durgin's Selection and Beaks and Paws.

At this point, you all know what a Mighty Mega Box is, so I think you don't need me to add more words about them. I thought, however, to offer a deal called "time machine", to give you the same feel of having participated to the previous campaigns: buying one of these mighty mega boxes, you will get, for free and since the beginning, all the stretch goals unlocked during their own campaigns. However, you won't get also the stretch goals unlocked during this campaign, and this is quite simple to explain: we simply can't afford to give you two ranges of stretch goals of this quantity and quality, for free. I thought that if somebody is interested in buying the full dwarf range, for example, he/she would rather prefer to receive thematic freebies of Kazhuk Izril, than freebies about Elves. I hope to be right, but if experience taught me something, is that there will always be somebody who's not happy with something! But, you know, this is the way.

So let's talk about the two special bundles of this campaign:

"Beaks and Paws" is a funny bundle focused on our animal characters: for a little price, you'll get all the animals we designed, and with a bit of luck, many others will join.

The "Durgin's Selection", as the name suggests, is a bundle that includes my very favourite miniatures of the three ranges we sculpted.

I know, it sounds a bit self-centred, but I wanted to make a glorious bundle containing a mix of Elves, Humans and Dwarves and I needed a kind of theme behind this selection.

It has been a hard choice and I still feel guilty for all the amazing sculpts that are out of this bundle, but I wanted something more affordable than the "all the miniatures we have designed" option. These are the characters that more than the others have conquered my heart, I'm curious to see if this Bundle will find admirers.

Last, but not least, the final surprise: the Mightiest Mega Box.

It has been changed a bit, since the first time I've talked about it, and now this one-of-a-kind bundle (seriously, only 1 available) contains a Mighty Mega Box of your choice, this mighty handmade leather bag and all the stretch goals and add-ons unlocked during this campaign.

Despite the "everything we have produced" idea was cool, I wanted something a bit more affordable: elitist, is true, but we are Durgin Paint Forge, not Louis Vuitton.


So let me know your comments about, and spread the voice with your friends and hobby communities because October 12th is getting closer and closer and I'm already hyperventilating!

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Thank you, now I have a better understanding of these differences and I wish you success with a positive financial balance.



@Ludovic: you must consider some extra info, to explain those prices u_u 1) 185€ was the original price of the mighty mega box of our first campaign. At that time, we didn't know how far we would go with stretch goals and unplanned characters, the "evolution" of that bundle was totally unplanned! For obvious reason, I still keep the original deal with this campaign. It can't be "proportional" with other bundles because all of them are the result of a KS campaign, that is unpredictable ^__^

2) ...and that explains the price of the second bundle. At that time, for example, we initially offered the Second Government MMB without the booklet and with less miniatures than the dwarf box. So we…


I may be a bit too accountable but I don't really understand the logic of the applied rates because they are not proportional.

1. 185 instead of 346 (basic price cheaper than offer 2 but higher reduced price)

2. 140 instead of 363

3. 35 instead of 58

4. 140 instead of 212 (base price cheaper than offer 2 but equivalent reduced price)

Otherwise I'm rather impatient but financially in trouble, I'll settle for the Bundle with STL files.

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