A new range!

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

the Second Government of Inneath

Starting a new project is always refreshing, to me.

I have a sensation of a clean space to reinvent that relax me and fills me with positivity.

Probably, if for some reason I'll have to stop this job, I'll become an interior design.

After the titanic (for my standards!) work on the dwarf range, I decided to focus on a main faction of my setting: the Second Government of Inneath.

It's always important ( I'd dare to say crucial) to make a very good work on the human range of a fantasy setting, cause it often defines the whole look of the general design: think about the iconic Warhammer Empire, or the Lions of Alahan in Confrontation.

Usually, the success of a new setting depends on two factors: the main human faction and the main villain.

For this reason I initially started to work on the Second Government range with some concern: unlike dwarves, that are my obsessions since I was young, I've never been attracted too much to human characters. So I've asked myself: "Will I be able to design interesting concepts, outside my comfort zone?!"

However, despite my initials hesitations, now I can happily say that I'm having such fun in creating my Second Government range!

So, even if there is still a lot of work to do, I think it's time to take a stock of the situation, now that we are getting closer to our next Kickstarter campaign.


Unlike the dwarf range, that I designed with two blocks of characters (the Iron Crows and the heterogeneous group of other dwarves), with the Second Government I decided to focus principally on three regiments: the Bluecoats, the Redcoats and the M.A.S.K. (yes, the name it's a little tribute to an old animated series!).

The Second Government is conceptually made on a strict and well organized politic system, so I thought (at least for this moment) to design the range with a strong regimental/militaristic theme.

Of course there will be picturesque individuals among them (think about the Grimorians, or the Pathfinder!), but the look I wanted to give to this range has been, since the beginning, more homogeneous.

Moreover (perhaps influenced by the subjects I am designing!), I'm thinking more deeply about how managing the Kickstarter campaign, in order to be more organized: I don't regret the choices I made during the previous one (at all!), but I obviously have to learn from my past mistakes, so in order to give you a smoother production and, consequently, delivery, I will change a bit the format of this new campaign.

The first change concerns numbers: in the previous campaign we started with 15 characters and we literally invented 10 new ones while the campaign was growing. That surely helped to collect more funds and, of course, to create an amazing amount of dwarves (but still, they are not enough!), but obviously, after the campaign, we found ourselves having to design and sculpt 10 characters (+ all the stretch goals!). Even if Valerio and Davide really made a miracle, we spent over 6 months on that.

Sorry, Valerio and Davide.

To avoid that kind of issue, for this new range I established to design 18 characters, and to start the campaign only once we have sculpted them all.

Another "mistake" was the amount of bundles: in the previous campaign I made too many bundles, and this not only gave me headaches during the fulfilling of rewards, but also created some bugs concerning shipping costs (for example, many backers pledged for the single bulldog bundle, which logically had very few shipping costs, and added to it a lot of other miniatures. Obviously it was due to my negligence, I would have done the same, as a backers!).

For this new campaign, I designed 3 main bundles (plus the classic "mighty mega box"), let's see them in (almost all) details:

The Bluecoat (da ba dee) bundle.

The first bundle is based on the Bluecoats Regiment. They are principally explorers, and their duty is to discover (or re-discover) new lands and possibly claim them in the name of the Second Government. We have already sculpted all the characters designed for it: two "basic" Bluecoats, a Captain with the regiment standard, a good boy, a grim leader (the Admiral) and the Pathfinder.

I can't already tell you a price for this bundle (it mostly depends on how much the Pathfinder will cost), but in my mind I would like to set the Bluecoats for 50/55€.