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A Late Pledge!

Oh, ehi!

Nice to see you again here, my friends!

Despite our silence, we are not dead yet, at all: these last weeks have been super busy for us (well, for my collaborators)!

In fact, we spent this month checking one by one all the Survey answers of our backers: a tricky but essential step, to be sure that everything goes smoothly in the next months of production.

Moreover, and this is the good news for all of you, we were focused on setting the Late Pledge event, and we are finally ready to give you a date: June 28th!

If you have missed our Kickstarter campaign, or if you are one of the mighty backers, waiting to enlarge your reward by adding more miniatures (Odin blesses you!), now you can save the date and prepare your wallet!

Don't listen to those cryptical voices in your head: you always deserve more miniatures, especially ours!

During our Late Pledge event, that will last from June 28th to September 30th, you will be able to grab all our Second Government and Kazhuk Izril miniatures, including all the bundles that we offered during our two Kickstarter campaigns: if you don't have your mouth watering like a St Bernard, please contact your doctor as soon as possible.

So, now that I've properly advertised this crazy event, I can update you all about the progress of our latest KS.

The month after the end of a KS campaign is always, well, boring.

Don't misunderstand me: after a stressful , challenging KS campaign it's always good (I dare to say essential...) to take a breath and recover our energy!

Actually, I spent the first days after the end of our campaign in a kind of catatonic condition: I was exhausted!

However, after two or three days spent wandering all around the room like a ghost, eating chips and recovering the third season of Attack on Titan, I started to feel a sense of emptiness inside me. Considering the huge amount of chips I ate, I'm talking about a metaphorical sense of emptiness.

In fact, the first weeks after the end of a KS campaign are frustrating because there are a lot of things to do, but the vast majority of them are not handled by me: check the digital sculpt to discover potential errors to fix, decide how to divide them into parts, prepare the digital sculpts for 3d printing, send the .stl files to our 3d printing service.

All time-consuming and crucial steps that I'm almost not involved in. So, for what concerns me, this month has been a matter of...wait.

I'm not good at all, when I have to wait for something.

For example, I would be a terrible fisherman: after 2 minutes, waiting for a fish, I would simply throw grenades into the water.

I felt a bit useless, during these last weeks, but I think I will regret this feeling in a few weeks, when finally all the 3d prints will be ready and I will have to check and clean all of them for the final resin production!

After all, we appreciate things only when we no longer have them.

During these last days, however, I had the opportunity to talk with many of our backers, and let me thank you again for your incredible support!

Every day I received emails of people all around the world that want to share with me their thoughts, or simply their latest painted dwarf (our gallery is growing nicely, I'm so proud of you!), and it's incredible how much encouragements and kind messages I receive from you, mighty backers!

I've already written this concept many times before, but I want to underline it once more because I think that, especially in these crazy times where everything seems so evanescent and hasty, it is heart warming to see how much passion burns inside this hobby of us.

I'm a simple guy who is trying to create something worthy of such a fiery passion, and even if sometimes I get nervous by the pressure of being always up to your expectations, I feel incredibly honored to work with all of you!

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