Veni, vidi, impressi.

3d printing is the future.

Well, it's technically the present, for us, considering that all our minis are digitally designed, but I wanted to start this topic with a glorious and impactful statement.

Nowadays, many people have access to domestic 3d printers and the print-at-home-by-yourself has become a highly requested feature in any miniatures project that involves digital sculpts.

So, why not join the winners' cart and enhance the potentials of our creations?

So here we are, with the first step of us towards a new horizon: the DPF* (Durgin Prints for Free) Project!

You know, the fact that I'm evolving my way of promoting my creations doesn't mean that I will renounce to my passion for weird, kitsch, names.

Little by little, I'm going to upload on this page more and more .stl files and projects (who knows, maybe there will be minis directly designed for this purpose!) so keep an eye on it because I've just started!

Elf knight 3d print
The Elf Knight (alternative version)

The first .stl file I decided to upload on this page is an exclusive one: nothing less than the Elf Knight!

I wanted to start with something worthy of your attention, and I thought that a massive Pachycephalosaurus could be a great way to inaugurate this place!

The Kickstarter campaign of our Elves is looming upon us, but if you want to kill the time and you have a 3d printer, I think that this can be a great way to spend your time.

Note: this version of the Elf Knight is slightly different from that of the Kickstarter campaign, it has a different pose and head, so there is no risk to have double, for those who want to 3d print this guy and buy the miniature during the campaign!

The Elf Knight

1.2 version, file improved by the Mighty Audrey Col!


Important note: please, read carefully the

"Read me" and "License" files, before printing this kit.