how to handle the delivery like a champ

I want to be honest with you: I feared this moment since the beginning. Shipping hundreds of parcels worldwide is never easy and, by experience, we all know that "s#?!t happens" has been probably invented by the first guy who waited for the courier, at the dawn of time.

For this reason, I thought it would be cool to create a page for all of you mighty customers, who are patiently waiting for your order.

I can't promise you a 100% smooth process, but at least I can give you all the info I have to survive the shipping of your parcel!

unboxing mighty mega box
who delivers your parcel?

Our international shippings are delivered by  PostNL

nexive log

Our domestic shippings (Italy) are delivered by Nexive.

useful contacts

Both domestic and international shippings are fully tracked.

Once your parcel is on its way, you will receive via mail several updates about the status of your order, with a tracking code that you can use to track your parcel at any time.​

If you want to monitor your parcel or if you have trouble with your delivery, here are some useful contacts.

Please notice that, to better organize our pipeline, we fulfil orders on Tuesday and Thursday.

anything works!

If, for some terrible reason, you have problems with your shipping and you can't figure out how to solve them and/or you don't find a solution after having contacted the customer service of PostNL/Nexive, do not panic (because I'll probably panic for you, so no need to panic together!).

Contact us directly, sending us a private message on Kickstarter, or on our Contact Page here on this website.

From August 20th (now they are on vacancy), I'll be able to directly contact PostNL and Nexive, so I may get more help.

If neither the direct channel works, do not worry: we will re-schedule another shipping.

You shall have your order no matter how.