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The Siege of Ishi. The Goiko hero, Denbe, fights an Ikari of Fire!

about free stuff and kharma

There are things that are priceless: think of a child’s laughter, or finding parking on Saturday’s evening in front of the most exclusive club, or doing a full backup of your data exactly thirty minutes before your system crashes. Or your laughter while you steal the candies from the child mentioned above  (who was clearly laughing at you).

I like to think that behind all these little cosmic joys there is some form of kharma, a body that weights on a scale your every action, rewarding or punishing you accordingly.

Did you save twelve children from a collision with a high-speed train? Bravo, when you get home you will find that in the fridge there is one of those puddings that you like so much and that you thought were over.

You don’t let me pass in front of you at the supermarket, although I have only bought a pack of  Stracchino cheese and you have eight full carts? Certainly when you get out of the store you will be hit by a truck driven by a monkey under the influence of amphetamine, just escaped from the zoo.

What can you do, it's kharma!

That said, here's the page where we’ll slowly collect all that really cool and above all free material with which you will be able to delight yourselves  while chanting my name, making me climb the kharmic ranking. For now you have to settle for HD Wallpapers created on the basis of artwork specially made for us by Justin Gerard and Guo Feng, who incidentally have cost a fortune (luckily it was not one of mine!), But soon will come the season in which the tutorials make their way upstream through the web currents to go to spawn, and you'll have a front row seat to catch them all. Promised.

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