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Ok, you finally received your brand new kit and, after opening the box, you have plenty of mighty dwarfiness in your hands. I let you enjoy this moment.

"What should I do, now?!"

Well, if you're asking such a basic question, you're probably new here. 

But don't worry, we all started from scratches!

A long time ago, for example, I used to drybrush the beards of my dwarves with gold, because I thought that "golden yellow" was a sort of metallic colour!

Resin could be tricky, at first sight, and needs some extra cuddles to get the best from it.

If you're dealing with resin for the first time, and you are wondering how to handle it, please give a look to the guidelines at the bottom of this page.

If you're only looking for the assembly instructions of our miniatures, please click on the pdf icons of the various characters, below. 

•Sentinel A 

•Sentinel B 




•Cpt. Durgin



•Hunter of Erdraz

•Goiko Demon Hunter

•Sentinel C 


•Iron Warrior





•Brewmaster Beerrant


•Priestess of the Golden Boar

•Healer of Tallya

•Disciple of Vidarr

•Patriarch of Vidarr

•Guardian of the Path

step 1

Proper preparation

Before you even start to think about painting your mighty Durgin Paint Forge miniature, you have to prepare it properly.

Remove the molding lines of the sacred forge using an armadillo knife (a file or hobby knife could work too). Be careful, young apprentice, when using sharp tools!

Wash your majestic miniature with cold water and soap blessed by Tallya, in order to remove the last traces of the grease used for letting the miniature detach from the mold, then let it dry with pride and self-congratulation: if you're old enough, drink a beer and toast in the name of Grundur the all-father. If you are too young for liquors, enjoy a chinotto.

Now you are ready for the step 2.

The alchemy of Resin
Hunter of Erdraz resin miniatues
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